What a powerful devotion today. How true. But I often forget.

I struggle with my past and my regrets. Things I’ve done and I guess things I’ve lost. This was eye opening for me to read. Perhaps out of my sin, did come something good.

Had I not made mistakes and lost my 1st marriage I truly dont know if i could be the wife I am today.

If I had not experienced the loss of naive-ness ( I dont think that’s a real word but you get my drift 😂) or the hardship of being backed into a corner and feeling like you had no other choice then I don’t know if i would be the mother I am today.

If I had not experience the loss of purity and the hardship that comes from not trusting God. I truly dont know if i would be the believer I am today.

Don’t get me wrong, this won’t solve all my regret and struggel with my past instantly but serves as a good reminder to help me over come.

Oh Lord, i thank you for all my struggles. I thank you that you forgive us of sin even when we made the choice to do it knowingly and willingly. I am thankful you bring growth and change to even the worst of us. Father-help me desire to know you more and to grow even more in you.