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Did y’all ever read this book? It’s one of my FAVORITE and when #BabyLogan joined a book club and was sent this book, i was ecstatic! We love it and he can basically quote the whole thing.

But this Wednesday was my own #THNGVBDay . Work was beyond awful. I cried like…….3 times. I got in a fight with a resident. I couldn’t do my job because of software and technical glitches . I had zero support (okay not zero but minimal and not enough) from my company.

And then Man got in a car wreck. A bad one. He’s ok and the car will either be fixed or we will get insurance money and figure out a replacement, either way it will be fine. But he did have to go to the ER which is scary and annoying. And he is set to have surgery Monday so we had the stress of whether this would effect that.

Some days are just like that.


God is still good.

All the time.

And All the time

God is still Good.