So my lifeway Lent devotional has me fasting from something each week during Lent. Which I thought was pretty neat.

This past weeks was money. Spending no money Monday to Saturday. Ok, cool no biggie. I did great! Monday to Friday…… yesterday the Easter sale at Hobby Lobby got me. The thing bugging me about this, Is that it wasn’t hard for me to not spend money M-F I do that ALL the time. What would have been hard was telling my hubby NO NO MEANDERING HOBBY LOBBY AND SPENDING $60 ON EASTER AND BATHROOM DECOR! And I failed:-( I fully meant to, but I failed.

For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
John 3:17 NIV

So this week I am starting new. This week’s fast is from technology in some sort of way. Which again is not necessarily hard for me. I do not have Facebook. I don’t have the Twitter app on my phone. I don’t do Instagram. I feel I already do a pretty decent job of managing my technology time.

Except in the mornings during my quiet time. In no way, no shape, no how, do I ever get more distracted by technology than when I’m supposed to be sitting quietly and talking to God. And not even like Facebook or Twitter necessarily I get distracted by the weather app on my phone! Or I get distracted by my mobile banking app on my phone and balancing my checkbook. I get distracted by checking my emails.

So my goal this week will be:

#1 No tweets

#2 No blog postings

#3 No Pinterest Scrolling

#4 No random website scrolling at work

#5 No checking the weather, my bank account, email etc etc in the morning.

#6 Only one Snapchat a day to the two people I have streaks with.

This includes next weekend when I’m with my nephew. I’m really gonna work hard at sticking with this goal along with my intermitten fasting that I decided to do for Lent. I really wanna focus on quieting myself and focusing on God more.

So……see ya in a week!!!!