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I have been struggling this week to walk in the ways of the Lord. My work is totally frustrating me. Not the actual job part, that I have down easy peasy lemon squeeze. Not my customers, I LOVE my customers, they are part of my mission and what God has called me to do, be the Jesus they see each day. It’s my coworkers and my boss. Their is so much negativity spewing from the people I work with, and my boss can be so cynical and know it all that I’ve found my self in a dark hole of almost depression at work. I try and try and try to stay positive and be the positive one, but that wears on me! Last week when I told my boss I couldn’t handle the negativity anymore she was just like “well you will always have negative people around you” huh? I mean I know that, but as a boss don’t you want to perpetuate a positive work environment?? I DUNNO. Maybe I’m being over dramatic, maybe I am being unreasonable, maybe I am being self-righteous. It’s just been frustrating.

So today’s verse was very fitting. An oldie but goodie. Love God and walk in his way. I just gotta Love God and follow his nudging and I will be ok.