Holy Father- I pray that you install ears that listen on #BabyLogan/B today help to calm his brain and slow down his mind so that he can really hear.

Proverbs 19:27 states that to stop listening to instructions will stray him from knowledge.

I pray that My child not only stops, and listens to my instructions, and the instructions of those in authority around him but stops and listens to you. Help him to hear from you today.  Your word says that

to answer before listening that is folly and shame -Proverbs 18:13.

Help him to listen for you and to all instructions/directions today.

And a father I pray you give my self and Man ears that listen. Help us to stop and hear you tell us how to parent this child. Help us to stop and listen when this child is trying to tell us something. Help us not to yell when we feel unheard.

Thank you God for always listening to us.