I was given

“The Power of The praying Wife ( registered trademark) by Stormie Omartian”

as a wedding present from my mentor. I really enjoyed the book and soon after I purchased

The Power of The Praying Parent ( registered trademark) “

by her as well. I read through each chapter said the prayers and have marked ones that I like best. I go through and read prayers from the book several times a week. I read those prayers as I lay hands on my husband and children to pray over them. They are wonderful prayers with scripture tools added in. I highly recommend them.

I have however notice lately that her “Power of The Praying Parent (RT) prayers seem sort of irrelevant in today’s world. It’s not surprising it was originally written in 1995!

Granted many of the topics are timeless and could never go out of style. But as my kids are growing and I’m seeing certain struggles or things I want to pray for them on I realize there was a current element missing from the book so I decided to write some of my own prayers for my boys modeled after Stormies. She has such a great way of speaking life into her prayers for others that I can’t think of anyone I’d rather model my prayers after. She filter scripture in so effortlessly that it’s a great combination.

So I wrote One about making sure my boys work hard and work for the Lord. And I’m working on coming up with one for freedom from technology and social media. I’m excited to see how I can use this amazing prayer warriors timeless techniques to really apply to my boys lives and become a true prayer Warrior for them.

Who knows? Maybe if things go well I can write some for my husband and others.