Everyone has always said how much #BabyW looks like Man. And how much man looks like his dad therefore #BabyW looks like his Poppa. But with the recent passing of my MIL and seeing young pictures of her it is clear they both take after her.

I’m sadden by the fact that I never knew the spirited lady in this photo. That #BabyW will never know the person who he obviously got his AMAZING facial expressions from 😉 or that my D.S.S B didn’t have ANOTHER Grandma to spoil him to pieces.

I’m sad that I didn’t have to worry about whether she was gonna like me. Or deal with her butting in when planning our wedding. I never got the chance to be irratated by her & complain to Man only to have him take his mommy’s side-Ward men are mommas boys after all.

But God had different plans for my sweet mother in law. Ones that nobody down here could possibly understand. A plan that was hard for everyone especially man and his sister to watch play out. It’s cliche and people don’t like to hear it but all things really do work together for his good. I truly believe my mother-in-law is in a better place now and she is back to being the vibrant crazy young lady I saw in all those photos and not the shell of the woman I know.

So to my mother-in-law thank you. Thank you for raising such an amazing son who has turned into such an amazing husband and even more amazing father. Without you I would not have this wonderful family that I do. And for that I am truly thankful.

Until we meet again,

Your Daughter In Law