This was the devotional content from my YouVersion Bible app devotion no more perfect moms.

Is this really how us women feel? Are we really afraid that much of judged by our peers that we won’t even follow the simple command of inviting others into our home? Do we really judge each other so much that we have set impossible standards none of us can meet?

As I am on the cusp of purchasing a home for my family and I this makes me realize how much more important my prayer for God to use my new house as a place to further his mission really is. It need not matter if there are crumbs on the countertops, toys on the floor, and laundry to be done my door should always be open to those who need it.

Ladies let’s take a break from judging each other, from trying to keep up with the Joneses, trying to meet these impossible standards , and just open our door to each other to love each other and be there and support each other thru this tough thing called life.