Alright! New Year Resolution time! Only this year im calling them New Year Habits. I also wrote them down so i will be able to come back to them more easily (i dont re-read my own blog often).

So there they are! A good combo of spiritual, relational, and personal goals i think. And yes #7 means what you think 😉 we are only human & happily married!

Last year i managed to keep a little over 1/2 my resolutions. I am of course aiming for all but 75% will be good.

You always must strive to do new things, try new things, help in new ways, and not be afaird of change. And when God is for you….who can stop you?!?!?!

So what are your new year habits?

My favorite 2017 photo of #BabyLogan & i .

Not a new years resolution but a bucket list item. #Hubbywife5K