Guys! It’s here! It’s Christmas week. Can’t you just feel the change in the excitement. All around you there’s just the hustle and bustle and the wonderfulness of this season.

I’m doing all my Advent readings and really just focusing on how amazing God’s love is for us by sending this little baby boy to save us from our sins. I mean does it really get any better than that?

And then on top of that we get this wonderful holiday called Christmas! I mean this week will be filled with movies, get-togethers, and food. All of these wonderful things that God has given us on top of sending Jesus to die for us. I mean right there at that doesn’t show you how much God loves you I don’t know what does.

So take the time. Enjoy this next week. Read the book of Luke. Find an advent plan on YouVersion. Tell your children the Christmas story. Bake cookies. Watch the Santa Claus and Christmas Vacation. And just remember.

You are so loved by God that He gave you this beautiful baby boy so that one day you can join him in heaven and until that day it has given us all of these wonderful things on earth to enjoy.