The key word in this verse is confess. We have to admit what we have done wrong. We can’t live in a made-up world where just because Jesus loves us so much we don’t ever admit the mistakes that we’ve made. We must confess our sins repent and change our ways and Jesus will forgive us and cleanse us from my wickedness.

It’s amazing to me how many people put Jesus in this all loving all forgiving box while forgetting that he does expect us to do good.

Proverbs 28:13 states that -“if you hide your sins you will not succeed if you confess and reject them you will receive Mercy.” NCV version

I think that’s a great exclamation for removing Sin from your life. Confess and reject. As the knowledgeable Priscilla Shirer once said:

you cannot go where you used to go. You cannot do what you used to do. And you cannot be who you used to be.

But it’s not something to beat ourselves up about because if we take the steps of confession we have the almighty forgiveness of Jesus awaiting us.