I discovered this verse while practicing “Lectio Divina” otherwise known as “Divine reading” as part of my Present over Perfect Bible study.

I am really struggling with regrets from my past sins and the author of that study Shauna Niequist gave this verse as one to chew on.

I’ve read Isaiah before but this one had not caught my eye. I read and wrote the verse in several different versions and I really like the Amplified Bibles version. It’s so interesting thinking that being forgiven of our sins has nothing to do with us and is not for us but it’s something God God does for himself. It’s amazing to realize that I matter SO much to God that he wants me in his home with him so much that he just goes ahead and forgives my transgressions. Like he loves me THAT much.

I don’t quite understand the last part about reminding him of them and pleading my case with him but I’m definitely excited to pray and meditate on it more to figure it out.

Wonderful reminder today of how much God loves us.

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