For years I have been anti Valentine’s Day. Even now that man is literally the best Valentine you could ask for still been pretty anti Valentine’s Day.

However this year something hit me right in the face and I’ve had a change of heart. Man set me a pin of a template to make homemade religious-based Valentine for baby Logan’s class. And all the sudden I realized that Valentine’s Day could be another tool used to spread the love of Jesus. Why had I never thought of this before!?!?

 Jesus is whole story is All About Love. And what better way to spread the story of his love then on a day dedicated to love. So I made those religious-based Valentine’s Day cards not only for baby Logan’s class but we gave them to our Starbucks Baristas and I gave them to my folks at work.

 It is only a small corner of the world this year but perhaps as my years go on I can remember not to be so cynical about this day being created by the candy companies and use it as another tool to spread God’s love. Because let’s face it over the next several years the Need For Love will be more important than ever.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Jesus loves you.