Really enjoyed today’s devotional from my December * devotionals. I definitely never knew that is wonderful counselor meant.

 But also this is probably the number one thing I know I struggle with. The minute somebody does me wrong mentally I started seeking out revenge for them. I know its a defense mechanism. I’m just feeling hurt and they hurt me so I want to hurt them. But it is my number one thing as I am growing in my walk with Christ that I have to improve upon. The world is full of too much hurt and pain.

 Hurt people hurt people.

 I cannot control other people’s actions only my reaction to them.

So I must seek out our wonderful counselor Jesus each day to learn how to handle my situations in a way that give glory to him. And  each day I can respond better to one situation I will slowly start to make a difference.

 Will you change with me?
*devotion  in picture written by Toni R. Lampley (