Re-read that title for me. It’s the truth.

 I know that with everything that’s going on in our country this week there are a lot of people who are feeling the exact opposite of love. I also know that sometimes the message of Jesus that gets preached is not one of love.

 Jesus loves you no matter who you are , no matter what you have done, Jesus loves you. Do not feel betrayed or lost buy him right now ! Turn to him!  Tell him your fears, tell him your worries, he is there to comfort and love you. No matter what. It is not about being perfect it is not about never making mistakes. I have done some pretty crappy things in my life life and forgiveness is something that I seek on a daily basis. But with every Bible study I do and devotion I read the  clearest message of all is that there is nothing I can do to earn Gods love and blessing. Jesus paid the price that I would normally pay for my actions.

 So please anyone out there who is scared, who is feeling betrayed, who was hurting, or just bewildered by what is going on remember that Jesus loves you. Jesus does not just love perfect white middle class men and women. He loves us all. He died on the cross for all of our sins. He is here for us all right now.