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Something about Fridays Jesus Calling Devotional really got to me. Maybe it was the fact she used the word scurry so well. 🙂 

I think she has just painted a perfect picture of American society. We think we are so “busy” but what are we busy doing?  I have a friend who always says how crazy life has been and that’s she’s been so “busy lately” & I just smile. Her busyness is her own making, she could easily stop doing all the things keeping her so busy, but instead she wants to stay busy and complain.  

No.Thank you.

I am making a concentrated effort to not be busy just to be busy. B is only signed up for 1 fall activity & 1 short sports camp. #BabyLogan is signed up for 4 weeks of swimming lessons. I am in 1 bible study and Man has one personal activity. Man & I still workout but we have changed our schedules to better fit our lives.

That’s it. 

I don’t want to spend my weekends rushing around taking B to “tournaments ” for a sport he doesn’t even know if he likes. I don’t want to stress over whether #BabyLogan is getting enough “enrichment”…..he’s not even 2! I don’t want to be so engrossed  on working out that I don’t have the time to play w/my kids which is 1/2 the reason I started working out! Even being to involved with ministry can become a bad thing if it becomes just another thing to do! I recently did Priscilla Shirers bible study Breath:making room for the sabbath and it totally helped me change the way I lead my life.

Remember you don’t have to be busy jusy because every else’s life is “so crazy” right now. You have no one but #God standards to live up to.  So sit back enjoy ur time with the Lord and let him control your day. It’s much more calm that way.

Our laid back morning devotion time