This has been the story of my life this last month. June-was awful. Started off after a great memorial day weekend,  coming back to 1/2 my office being  “sick” and then both supervisor went on vacation at the same time leaving me in charge. More employee issues, maintenace issues, and it felt never ending.

I didn’t handle the work stress well. I got very overwhelmed & stressed. I took a lot of it out on my family.  That sparked a come to Jesus meeting of sorts with my husband where I heard some very hard things to hear. But they were true. 

Thru it all I’ve been praying daily. Reading the word or studying it. I know that all the struggles have a purpose for God.  It’s just definitely been a rough one. Even yesterday the 1st day of a new month, held challenges and upsetting events that pushed me to tears.

So I must continue to cry out for help. Each morning I must tell God my worries & fears for the day and ask him to help me through.  As the day rolls on I must seek him continually to show me what to do.

Here is to a better month.