Today is father’s day. I was blessed to have an amazing father in my life. One who taught me things, helped me do things, and loved me unconditionally. He continues to take care & provide for me and my boys even as I’m an adult.  He is one of the world’s greatest dad’s and the world’s best Pa-Poo.


I am even more blessed to have found my 2nd half in a man unlike many others in this day in age.
Man is one of the most hardworking caring hubbys father’s their is. His love and devotion to his family is something not seen a lot this day in age. He constantly puts his needs and wants 2nd to his boys and me. He works harder each day then most men do in a month to make sure we are taken care of. He loves all of us for who we are no matter what. 
I was blessed God crossed our paths & created us for each other as hubby & wife & even more blessed by the life and family we have been given.
In a world where most folks are sadly selfish, it’s refreshing to have a man like Mam here who always thinks of others.
No words can really tell him or the world how I feel or how much he means to me, and he deserves all the gifts in the world, but I guess Family Day at Arrowhead stadium will have to do.


I’ve had some moments these last few days that have caused me to pray and think about actions and attitude that I take.  I feel so much love in my heart but I’m not good at expressing it. I get easily stressed out by the small everyday tasks and the actions that I take do not reflect the gratitude I feel. I must work on that because besides having these two wonderful men in my life, I also serve the most wonderful father God. He too loves me unconditionally, loves me for who I am, and is constantly helping me grow.

I pray that Yaweh will help me learn to express my love and gratitude everyday and not just on Father’s Day.

Happy Father Day Man and Dad.