This week has been crap at work. My boss has been gone leaving me in charge at my busiest time of the month. That would be rough enough but then one of my leasing agents has called in “sick” for the last two days after she was already gone for 4 & 1/2! Not only that but she has completely disregarded my authority  (what little I have) by ignoring my texts day one when I tell her she needs to come in as we are short staffed & day two when I try and ask what’s up.  I have gone thru so many emotions the last 48 hours from upset, calm, sad, angry,  apathetic,  dissapointed and so on. I am unsure how to feel about the situation,  if I should even bother feeling about the situation, but mainly I’m confused on the lesson God is teaching me here. I know this stress and upset-ness I feel is for a purpose but I don’t know what. I want to use it to my advantage but am unsure what this trial is producing.  Hopefully the good Lord shows me soon.

And to any 20-27 yr Olds reading this. Remember you have to actually go to your job. You can’t just come in when you feel like it. You don’t use your PTO the minute you get it. When you have a job, people rely on you, and skipping out because your “tired” or “can’t deal” makes the day harder for others. Not  Cool.
Maybe some older folks could stand to remember that as well.


P.s random fact this verse was the 1st ever image I created on the bible app over a year ago!

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