I recently finished the book the Happy Wives Club. A book I picked up on the clearance rack and was well worth more then the price I paid for it.

If you are married, getting married, or one day hope to be married I suggest you read this book.

The end of the book list the 12 secrets to a happy marriage the basic breakdown of the story. I shall share them with you but nothing can take place actually hearing the tales of multiple different happy marriages is all over the world so go to amazon.com and get this book!

# 1 respect
# 2 trust
# 3 belief in God
# 4 laughter is the best medicine 
#5 keep outside interests
#6 create a daily ritual
# 7 date your spouse
# 8 support your spouse
# 9 friendship is essential
#10 nurture your marriage
# 11 no plan B (I think this is the most important one in our society today no divorce option. I’ve BTDT & it’s terrible)
# 12 choose your friends wisely (probably the second most important in today’s society people can be toxic to relationship -Facebook is evil!!!)

Bonus #13 happy wife + happy husband = Fountain of Youth 🙂

Check out these secrets and the stories behind them by reading Fawn Weaver’s book Happy Wives Club today.

And in a twist on the  words of the man whom somehow might end up being our next president-  make your marriage great again 😉