Do you ever wish for something like this to happen? Just a good old-fashioned old Testament Miracle? God to speak to you thru a burning bush? God to show you a sign by moving the sun? Pain to be healed? I know I do. I’ve got carpel tunnel in my right arm and I’ve seen 9 different types of therapists.  Nothing helps. I just want God to take it away. I’m stuck on an old mortgage and feel lost as how to get removed , I just want God to take care of it. I pray about it. So why doesn’t he? Does he not preform old Testament miracles anymore? Have we driven him out of our society so much that he no longer speaks to us thru burning bushes? Are we not worthy enough like Moses,  Isaiah, and Abraham? OR is God answering and we are ignoring because the answer is “No” or “Not Yet”?


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