This. I’m going to start quoting this verse to #BabyLogan.  We are going thru a rough sleep period. He is tired and wants rest, but he is unwilling to receive it.*
We are currently trying different methods of bedtime stuff and sleep issues, and of course lots & lots of prayer.  I never thought I would pray so much about sleep, but I mean why not? You can pray about anything. And really the only one who can calm my sweet boy’s soul as he screams will be the Lord. Plus there are numerous verses on rest in the bible,  so obviously it’s important to God.

Pray today that the Lord helps you find the rest you need, and while your at it add a prayer for #BabyLogan, Man, & I.


#rest #theword #devotion #BibleStudy

*I am fully aware that baby sleep issues is not what this verse is talking about. I’m being funny in order to make light of my lack of sleep 😴