This week is world breastfeeding week. The focus is on women working & breastfeeding.  I have been lucky that clown company has had NO issue at all with my choice to breastfeed & I am truly greatful.

I am VERY shocked that their are company’s that have a problem with allowing a women to pump at work. I just can’t believe in 2015 we still have this issue. Those company’s need to get on board.

Being a working mom is hard. Being a working breastfeeding mom is even harder. I had to start adding a little formula just because I can’t pump as much as he needs.

But I’m still trying and will do so for 3ish more months (fyi companies only have to give you the space/time to pump until ur child is 1 ) but when that time is up….Woohoo!

Thank You clown company for being awesome.  Thank You insurance for my free pump. 

And to all you other working-breastfeeding moms….I salute you.