Today I was a bad mom. I took #BabyW to daycare……even though it was my day off.

I felt horrible dropping him off.

But I’ve not had a true day off at home in WEEKS! I’ve either been dress shopping for my sisters wedding, doing 50,000 other things, or in the hospital.

I just needed to get some stuff done…..and that included my nails.

Yes, I dropped my son off at daycare to go get my nails done, instead of spending time with him.

I am a bad mom.

But maybe, just maybe being a bad mom makes me a better mom.

While he was at daycare I did go and get the mani/pedi/wax I have been saving 4 weeks for and it was WONDERFUL! But I also went to the grocery store, switched out laundry, cleaned up a bit, did some dishes ect ect.

Which means that I was able to pick my son up 5 hours later, and go on a nice hour long walk with our friend and dogs.

It means that i can sit here on the couch with him while he explores his feet and just relax.

It means that when daddy gets home i won’t be rushing to shove baby in his arms.

It means that while of course I’m going to attempt to get a few more things done today if I do NOTHING else all day/evening except sit and play with my son I will be ok.

I have yet to learn how to just leave our house a mess and do nothing. There are just certain things (dishes and cleaning the kitchen mainly) that left undone stress me out. so often times our relaxing family evenings aren’t so much because I MUST clean up before I can sit and that takes away precious time with Baby.

Plus it’s what contributes to my last post about feeling useless, because I haven’t quite learned how to balance it all.

But Today I’ve Done Better.

Today, I have cleaned just what I HAVE to, Organized just what I HAVE to, and done what few things I felt like I HAD to do on my day off. So now I can spend the precious hours with my little monster.

So perhaps this once, perhaps just today, being a bad mom…….has made me a better one.

This was 3 months ago.....he already is growing so fast!

This was 3 months ago…..he already is growing so fast!