As I sit here @ 5:30 am on Christmas morning, feeding Baby W. I’m struck by the twinkleing lights on our tree and the shiny presents underneath. I’m laughing at B last night RUNNING up the stairs in his christmas footed PJ’s after seeing Santa had entered the united states on the NORAD santa track saying “Oh man I have to hurry santa is going to be here so soon. Hurry!” He was so excited he didn’t even want  to hug & kiss his dad goodnight!

I’m sitting here checking the weather, thinking about what I need to get done this morning, if I’m gonna run, If I want hot or cold coffee and wondering just what wonderful things Man has gotten me-He already gave me a beautiful watch box early ( mostly because he didn’t want to wrap it) so I know once again I’m getting spoiled.

I've already got it 1/2 full! :+)

I’ve already got it 1/2 full! :+)


But As I’m sitting here starring at my sweet sleeping boy. I’m reminding myself to take a min to think- I mean REALLY think about the true meaning of this holiday. I’ve gotten annoyed this year more then ever with the commercialism, the materialism, and the blatant disregard by non believers for our 2nd most important holiday (an atheist on one of my baby boards asked how to explain christmas to her kids without talking about Jesus….um don’t).

I want to make sure I take time to Pray today, to thank god for of course my gifts, my home, the food, my family, the blessing of my and Baby W’s health. But again REALLY thank him for Jesus. The message gets lost so much- even with all the “Keep Christ in CHRISTMAS ” signs and messages out there it really gets lost in the shuffle.

I just want to take time to ponder the fact that Jesus- my lord and savior, the man who died so I can live – once looked just like my own sweet sleeping boy. He once was nursed by Mary, had whatever form of diaper they had changed, spit up on occasion, I mean the great I AM was once a helpless baby boy. How crazy is that?

I want to ponder the fact that had Jesus not been sent down in the form of a baby he would never have grown up into the man that he was, he never would of died for MY sins and rose again 3 days later, he never would of been able to save any of us!

I think about Mary and if it was hard on her knowing that while Jesus would love her- this boy of hers was destine for things far greater then being her son.

I think about Joseph and all the crazy feelings he must have had inside him.

But mostly I just want to take a minute to thank god for this miracle he sent us, that allows all of us to get swept away up in things of this season that don’t even matter.

So as you all open your gifts, eat your food, and enjoy the time with your Family and friends- remember the one who makes it all possible.

Merry Christmas To You All, Peace and Love to all mankind, Rejoice because our savior is born!