So in the last several years I’ve really tried to focus less on the media and worldy view of christmas and more on the true meaning.

However I still give gifts to those I love on christmas because I feel it’s a time to show those we love how much we love them, just as God showed us how much he loved us by sending his only son to die for us.

I do however try to make sure i’m not going overboard on the spending, and making myself go into debt because thats not what this holiday is about. Of course now having two kiddos, I’m aware that it is easy to get caught up in the worldy view. I am hoping with in the next year I hope to steal an idea from my favorite christian blogger miss Jen Hatmaker  where you stick with a few gifts that fall into the following: Something you want, Something you need, Something to Wear, Something to Read, Something to eat, Something to give. (I think B needs to be a little older for it to really stick with him) I added the something to eat part- food gift cards are great stocking stuffers.


I like this idea because their are still presents to be given. Children can still ask for something they want, Parents can use Christmas as an excuse to make a much needed sweatshirt, or backpack a gift and there is a chance to show your kids the true meaning of the holiday by giving them something they have to give to someone else (For Ex: $50 that they must donate to their favorite charity in the next year).


BUT this post isn’t about making sure we celebrate christmas for the right reasons-I’m here to vent. To all the other ladies reading this who have wonderful Men in their lives who are great at gift giving……

How the heck to you make sure they get a great gift!

Man ALWAYS has something up his sleeve. I mean you should SEE the shiny rose gold fossil watch i’m eating that was my “Push-No Push” present Ryan surprised me with. And Last year my few presents were ALL items i had casually mentioned I needed or wanted that he remembered ( most specifically a book by my favorite author ). Valentines day….Diamond Necklace ( I got him nothing fail on my part) Mothers day….DON’T even get my started on the wonderful stuff he planned and got me. Birthday…..he proposed…… I mean for real!!?!?!? could I get a better gift giver?

Now I get him stuff and he created a wish list on Amazon Prime of stuff he wants, and I will get him stuff from there, but….it sucks not being creative enough to find something to just WOW him. I’ve been thinking for weeks now on a surprise gift or just something he won’t see coming and i can’t think of a damn thing. And I know thats not what gift giving is about…but i just wish for once I could surprise him the way he always surprises me.

Thats all, I just wanted to whine….but don’t even get me started on the amazingly sweet things he rights on the cards!