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So I’m a breastfeeding mom. I choose to do it because #1 It’s natural and what god created me to do. #2 It’s a FREE way to to feed my kiddo. #3 It’s supposed to be a healthier option for my son.

I am one of the lucky ladies- I produce milk- I had no problem with my milk coming in- I was producing actual milk…3 days after birth. So I’m lucky in that sense.

I do also feel lucky because pumping is something that can easy to me and I’m used to it since Baby W was in the NICU for so long I couldn’t actually feed him at him first so I had to pump my milk and they put it in a feeding tube. Then when I could feed him he ate so little that I had to pump after EVERY feeding. 3 and 1/2 weeks into Baby W’s life he is gaining more and more weight and eating more and more, but I still am pumping after most feedings (is this normal? I dunno I need to attend a support group I think) so it’s just part of what I do- my freezer is so overflowing with milk Man says it attacks him.

Actually breastfeeding Baby W isn’t super easy. Being a NICU baby he was given a pacifier sooner then I would of preferred or then is recommended. Because of this I have to use something called a nipple shield that I place over my nipple and gives it a pacifier/bottle texture. It’s a pain in the butt. He swats at it, if he thrashes his head to much then if falls off, and it makes feeding difficult because I can’t just latch him to the boob when he needs to feed. But it is what helps him eat. I’ve been trying to ween him off of that, and we have had about 4 good feedings with out it, but thats it.

So yes I am breastfeeding and i’m glad that I can and am. And all my life I’ve heard women talk about how wonderful breastfeeding is and how much of a bonding experience it is for mom and baby.

Those. Women. Are. Crazy.

Breastfeeding is a giant pain in my the butt. It’s time consuming. It’s mommy monopolizing. It’s Painful. It’s exhausting. I kind of hate it.

But I still do it. Because that’s what my breasts were originally created for. Because my milk came in easily. Because once again IT’S FREE TO FEED MY SON and provides him with awesome nutrients.

But it’s not a bonding experience for me and BabyW. I find we bond better when wearing my moby wrap or during bath time, or….really any other time, besides breastfeeding.

I also want to say the mommy war of breastfeeding vs. formula feeding is ridiculous. Why do moms have to be so mean and judge towards one another???? How is that helpful and aren’t we all really doing the same thing- trying to raise our kids the best way we can? When did it become cool to judge and shame a women for the choices she makes- we don’t know her story? Did your mother teach you if you can’t say something nice don’t say something at all (well thats a bit ironic isn’t it). Not cool Moms. Not Cool at all. Let’s love, help, and support each other no matter how we parent.