Because there is ONLY so much L&O-SVU, NCIS, and Criminal Minds a girl can watch during the day, I’m finally catching up on movies I’ve wanted to see.
This past week I raided my local video store and got some movies Man and I never made it to the theaters to watch.

TAMMY:*** (that’s 3 stars)
This movie was cute and funny. “Tammy” gets fired, learns her hubby is cheating on her and take a road trip with her eccentric grandmother and well all heck breaks loose. Melissa McCarthy was wonderful as always. surprisingly the plot was actually cute and heartfelt. It was funny but not as funny as would have hoped. One of those movies where all the really really funny parts where in the commercials so that’s a little disappointing, but still was a nice little Sunday night movie

Ok, I personally am fascinated with India and their culture. I work with a lot of people from their at my job and I just love them and they love me so I was SUPER stoked when I saw this movie was coming out. A down and out sports agent comes up with a reality contest to find 2 boys from India to train in the game of baseball and get a tryout for a major league team… one year. Now I’m giving it 4 stars because I LOVE Disney, I LOVE baseball, I LOVE India, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sports movies. However in reality an actual movie critic would probably go with…..2-3. It was heartfelt, funny at times, told a great underdog story, classic main character looses sight of whats important and then has to gain it back plot line and just left me feeling good.

Yep that’s right maybe 2 and 1/2 if I’m feeling generous. Basic plot….it’s about con artists in the 70’s working with the FBI to take down corrupt politicians. I know this movie isn’t new, but Man and I have attempted 2 other times to watch it and never have. Now I LOVE JLAW and I LOVE Bradley Cooper. Amy Adams is awesome too, and Christian Bale is growing on me so I assumed I would love this movie….but DAMN it was soooooo slow. So slow I fell asleep (#newmomprobs) and missed like 10-30 min of it but it was still going when I woke up and I could tell what was going on! It was just a giant disappointment from all the hype it got. However I DIG the 70’s wardrobe styles!

SEX TAPE: ****
A married couple who is lacking passion in their marriage decides to film themselves having sex to spice things up- and instead of deleting the video….it gets sent to “the cloud” and well all heck breaks loose. I found this movie HILARIOUS! I would think that any married couple with multiple kids will enjoy this movie. It’s also a perfect example of how little we actually know about all our technology in the world. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segal are just freaking funny together and on top of that it has some cute and heartfelt moments that most people can relate to as well. It was a little over the top at times, but I enjoyed it.