Hello Hello! Baby W has been home for two weeks now (the chiefs have also won the last two weeks…coincidence? I think not) and is doing GREAT! He took all 10 days of antibiotics wonderfully and is steadily gaining weight. God definitely had his hands on my little superhero.

Check out how he has grown!


Maddie LOVES Him


He thinks Maddie is Ok


B LOVES BabyW…almost too much but thats a whole different post




Thor is a GREAT guard dog. He bark has gone from scary to terrifying!


All my boys!

So as you can see he is going wonderfully. Thanks to all those who prayed for us, we wouldn’t of made it without you.

I hope to write more as my maternity leave continues and I learn about being a new mom and the stresses, likes, loves, and dislikes. However I can’t make any promises as Baby W pretty much controls my schedule these days…..and thats totally ok by me!

  ‘For god has not given us the spirit of Fear but of Power, and of Love, and Of Sound Mind’  -2Tim1:7