Hello Blog World!

Well it’s been an interesting 6 days in mine and Logan’s world. I will attempt to make a VERY long story short. (Who knows, the one day I may write out the whole damn thing just to write it out)

BABY W made his dramatic entrance into this world at 4:42am on Thursday October 23rd 2014 via emergency c-section. He was shortly whisked away to the NICU for what was thought to be a simple blood sugar issue, but he hasn’t left. My little superhero was very very sick, “impressively sick” was how one nurse put it. He has a nasty bacterial infection, that was pretty much attacking different organs. First the blood surgar, then he needed an oxygen hood to help increase intake,then extremely low blood pressure. All of this in a 19 & 1/2 inch, 7 pound, full term baby. He was immediately put on antibiotics and other measures to help get him right.

Meanwhile I’m on the other side of the hospital in cardiac care, because something is going on with me and the way my heart is beating, so even though no one can touch or hold Logan…..I can’t even seen him.

It’s been a rough 6 days.

I was finally given restricted vists which were never enough and annoying. Logan has been improving more and more each day. After four days of watching my heart non stop and knowing there is an issue but not knowing what or how to treat it one cardiologist finally said, “all we r doing is racking up a bill and keeping you from your baby-so I’m sending you home”. (I already have a cardiology apt set, I’m being mailed a portable heart monitor, and will take the stress test once I heal but they r still unsure of what is wrong as I’m asymptomatic)

So now I’m holed up in Baby W ‘s room-he has been removed from oxygen, then his dopamine, last night his iv fluids were stopped , if he eats good for the next 12 hours his feeding tube will be removed and then the antibiotics are done Saturday and as long as he stays improving we will be heading home Saturday Night/Sunday Morning.

I don’t even know where to begin blog world, but I’m sure I will have lots to say in the upcoming weeks. The prayers we have been receiving have and are working so I’m am so lucky to be loved by God the way I am. Even if he does think I’m stronger then I do.

Oh wondering about Man? Literally the greatest man on the planet. He will get a whole mother mushy blog post about how much I love him (oh and WAIT until you see my push present!)

I’ve attached some pictures from day 1 to today, Baby W is absolutely handsome and so perfect, I have no idea how Man and I created him.