Well folks today is the day. 36 weeks. 4 left, 1 month, 28 days. At least until my due date that is, when he actually gets here? Who knows.

So since I’m so close to the end I’ve decided to share some bump pics, so that at least no matter what I’ve always got them.


I don’t even remember when this was (13/14 weeks maybe) but it feels like ages ago. I don’t even recognize that girl!


Here we are probably close to 19/20 weeks. I still look and I’m pretty sure I felt like my regular normal self.


And it just keeps growing….. 26ish weeks.


And growing….. 30 weeks. I remember feeling very……large with this photo especially in the face.


And growing.  32/33 weeks and my last bump selfie.

No longer am I in the mood to take them. I’m just over it now. I don’t feel like I look like me- who is that girl with the fat face!

Here is a picture of me and my sisters at my sisters wedding that was taken about 35 weeks ish. That’s the best you will get.


I did have some fun with a photo editor and pictures


21 weeks, 26 ish weeks, 30 weeks


or all side by side by side! I don’t even fit into the frame!

So if anyone actually cares, there it all is. 36 weeks of baby bump growth. I know I need to go @ least another 2 weeks and I could go as many as 6 but….I’m done I don’t’ want to be preggers anymore. ( I mean i don’t want him to come any sooner then when is fully healthy, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be pregnant finally I’m just saying) It wears on you. Everything hurts, Everything is uncomfortable, Everything is hard :+/

Then there is the little matter of actually giving birth….but that’s a whole nother topic for nother post.