This past weekend something BIG happened in the W family and I mean BIG!

This handsome devil right here



Graduated from college. Yep, It’s official Man is a college graduate with a bachelors degree in project management and I’m SO excited for him.


That’s him all fancy with all sorts of academic awards and stuff. He’s so smart!

He kept acting like it was no big thing, and maybe some of you think it’s no big thing, but this girl here…does. I could BARELY graduate from college when all I had to focus on was….college. Much less working FULL time, being a single father, dealing with family issues, AND trying to maintain some sort of “life” and yet he did it…..with academic honors!

Awww our first family of four photo!

Awww our first family of four photo!

Its was just a great moment to watch and I know that B is a good part of the reason that he worked so hard, and B was so excited to watch his daddy and he told me that “when I get bigger I want to work hard like daddy”

B and I doing what we do best...Cell Phone Selfie!

B and I doing what we do best…Cell Phone Selfie!

Love that kid.

His grandparents made it to the ceremony, along with sister and bro-in-law, cousin, and then his crazy soon to be in laws.

Man and his Grandparents

Man and his Grandparents

Who knows what this accomplishment will bring. I’m not naïve enough in this day and age to think that the life changing results will be felt right away, but that’s not the point. The point is that he worked SO hard for SO long and did SO well that no matter what this is a BIG deal.

So Man if you are reading- I know I know, it was just another day. But I promise you. It wasn’t’, it was so much more then that and I am SO.DAMN.PROUD. of you and all you have done, and I know Baby W is too. Besides…..I’ve never made it with a college graduate before ;+)

Just. Love.Him.

Just. Love. Him.