#1 Over 1/2 the time I love the way I look. I actually really do. Now I know in my last one I complained about it and anyone who has ever been pregnant will get me here, but while yes I feel like a fat beached whale sometimes. Their are moments when I truly LOVE this body I’ve been blessed with. It’s normally right after a shower, when I’m scrubbed clean, and slicked down with Palmers Coco Butter, dressed in just my undergarments and I catch a glimpse in the mirror and I just feel…..beautiful. Belly and all.

#2 I Love finally feel Baby W Kicking and moving. I have an anterior placenta and extra fluid which doesn’t actually mean much except that up until about two weeks ago I wasn’t feeling Baby move at all. Finally at almost 28 weeks I have started to feel movements-it doesn’t feel ANYTHING like what I thought they would feel like, and they are no where near as dramatic as movies and tv-shows make them out to be ( I’ve been able to get Man to feel it ONCE and B never) but the small subtle movements are there and they are always so different I love trying to figure out just what my little guy is doing in there!

#3 I love how excited B is for his baby brother and all the stuff he is willing to do and honestly give up for him. I think it is something that has really brought him and I closer together. Plus I love hearing him say ” you better be careful Lindsey” whenever I do anything or tell his dad ” you be nice to Lindsey she has a baby in her belly” Heart Melting.

#4 I LOVE maternity clothes- as stated in a previous blog I’m kind of a maternity-clothes-aholic. But I mean for REAL they are some of the most comfy clothes I have ever worn! I’m actually kind of sad that I won’t get to wear them to much longer (10 weeks to go!) I’m also Pissed at Destination Maternity. They have NFL gear….The Giants, The Saints, The Broncos, and more have like….7 shirt choices….the chiefs…..1… and it is freaking short sleeve! GGGGRRRR!

#5 I love man talking to Baby W thru my belly. This guy LOVES babies, and he LOVES children with all his heart and it just makes my heart melt when he puts his face on my belly and starts talking to him. I’m so lucky to have him be this babies father.

Alright….that’s it…. 5 is all I can come up with. I mean don’t get me wrong… I LOVE the fact that I am pregnant. I’m so excited to be having a baby-I’ve been waiting my whole life to be a mom. I can’t believe that I have less then 2 months until my due date- I mean where the heck did it go! But as far as things that I actually LOVE about physically being pregnant….. yeah 5 is all you get from me.