#1 I hate these weird things that are going on with my body- like things I can’t even put on here because they are just weird and sometimes gross and Blah! I was a fairly healthy person before-so I’m not used to not understanding what’s going on!

#2 The way my belly is feeling…heavier. This has nothing to do with weight gain just that It feels like I need to hold my belly because it weighs so much it will fall off! So Weird!

#3 I HATE being tired. I’ve never been much for sleep- it’s boring and wastes my time. I’ve never been really one that suffer from fatigue (thank the lord) , but man oh man has that changed being preggers. and I hate it I literally fell asleep at my desk the other day- I’m so tired when I get home from work it takes all I have to make dinner.

And if ONE commenter tells me that I will be tired for the rest of my life I will banish you from my blog this isn’t’ tired due to lack of sleep tired that I’m fully aware will be my life’s story once Baby W gets here. THIS IS HAD THE FLU FOR 36 HOURS STRAIGHT WITH NOTHING TO EAT OR DRINK AND NO SLEEP body can literally not function tired. That. Awful.

#4 I hate all the unknowns. Is Baby ok, is he healthy, is he growing right. What if something goes wrong during birth, what if something goes wrong after birth. What about learning disabilities, what if he gets cancer, what if he grows up to be a serial killer ( not kidding passed my brain one time). It’s just so frustrating and exhausting and I’ve been managing to stay fairly calm but every now and then BAM! Sideswipped by an unknown! All I can say is thankfully I am a women of faith and can pray in these times to ease my fears.

#5 I hate not having a beer on a Friday night.

#6 I hate being treated like an invalid! I’m pregnant people- not dying. I can still do things ok.

#7 I HATE people touching my belly.

#8 I hate baby websites and community chats with other moms or soon to be moms……some of yall are crazy.

#9 I hate the weight of gained. Stereotypical I know, but if you are a dude or have never been pregnant you just can’t get it. I mean I know that it’s normal and I’m having a baby and suppose to gain weight, but it’s so hard to handle sometimes. I’ve tried so hard the last 8 years or so to get healthier and get to a healthy weight and I just have such a hard time coping with this….round thing I’ve become- which of course leads to all kinds of other unknowns as to- will I loose the weight, how will I loose the weight- have I gained to much weight, is their a chance I haven’t gained enough (ha!) It’s just…..annoying.

#10 I HATE the hormones, mood swings, and general craziness that has taken over my body. I mean for real who is this lady that has invaded my head and my heart. Making me bawl like a baby at simple commercials while also making me want to rip of peoples heads for no apparent reason whatsoever. It’s hard because right now I don’t even know what is a real emotion and what is just pregnancy crazy. That makes word and relationships REAL HARD right now. Once Again-good thing I’m a women of faith because I have had to pray more then once in “Lord- take this anger/sadness/self-righteousness/meanness/annoyance away from me and let me see what is really going” and I wouldn’t make it thru the day without doing that.

So there it is. the Top 10 things I hate about being pregnant. Stay tuned for the Top 10 things I LOVE about being pregnant….if I can even name 10 :+0

“For god did not give us the spirit of fear but of power and of love and of self-control” 2 Timothy 1:7