Alright. That’s it. I’ve had enough! I can not. I mean can. NOT. listen to one more person bash the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie. I’m over it.

Man and I went to see the Thursday night premier ( don’t’ judge us. superhero movies are our thing, and Thursday premiers are like…our other thing”) and had a GREAT time.

The movie was cute, it was funny, it had action, the turtles rocked, Will Arnett was HILARIOUS, and Megan Fox was pretty sweet too. ” Their Ninjas- they do karate”

Granted I won’t lie. I fell asleep for about 8 min. But leave me a lone I’m 7 months pregnant and it was after 10:00 at night. So sue me.

I personally don’t’ remember much about the original movies or if I even saw all 3 of them (more on that in a minute.) Which puts me about at the par of 50% of the audience the new turtle move is going for;  5-14 year old boys.  And trust me when I say they are going to LOVE it.

After the movie Man was complaining that he didn’t like all the funky gear Donatello wears in this new movie.  I personally think its awesome.


But he hated it which some how prompted us to look the turtles up online and we started reading all the scathing reviews. And to be honest I felt a little bad. I mean come on people. It’s not supposed to be an OSCAR winning movie! It’s a Tween/Family movie. It’s just supposed to be fun and entertaining! Why do we have to judge so harshly!

I can say that now as ALL THREE originals were on yesterday afternoon/evening and we watched them. Holy Cow. Talk about bad.

And then I saw this article online this morning and it just set me off. I’m sure this women is way smarter then I am, and has way more authority and brains to be actually critique movies, but I mean come on, really? It makes the 90’s versions look like masterpieces? No Way.  I will agree with #4 that whole thing was silly and stupid, but I must say if you have watched the originals lately…talk about not being PC

“What am I behind on my Sony payment?”

I happen to enjoy (unlike Man) the way all the turtles looked…..different. You could really see all their different personalities in their body styles and that gives kids something to identify with ( I mean should they really be identifying with 6 foot tall mutant turtles….that’s your call as a parent). I loved the bond/love-hate relationship that Rafael and Leonardo have. I love Mikey’s singing and quirks. I LOVE the way Donnie looks. It was an hour and a 1/2 of good clean super hero fun what more could you ask for!

Oh and that’s the other part- I must give them props for not overly sexting Megan Fox.  The buzzfeed article suggests otherwise, but really she was NOTHING like her character in Transformers. She wore T-shirt and jeans the whole time I think. No cleavage shots, not random shower scenes. Sure their are a couple jokes by Mr. Arnett, but I mean that’s to be guessed. Their is one scene where she’s leaning out a window and Will is starting at her butt….that’s about it. I was really glad to see that.

So I’m here to just say leave the turtles alone. If you liked them as a kid- go see them with an open mind. If you have kids- take them to see it and you can nap for an hour. But go in there knowing that you are not getting something that will ever win any move awards….like ever. Enjoy the throwback vibes it brings. Laugh at the elevator jam session scene. And remember the awesomeness that was some of the words and phrases they used. Just go to be entertained.

Oh and just you everyone does know. No matter what all the critics and web people say….65 Million Dollars. So apparently their are a lot of people out there like me. :+)

Because really with all the bad/scary/sad things they are happening in the real world. I’m more then happy to spend a little time in a world where 6 Ft Tall, karate chopping, pizza eating, off key singing turtles exist.