So I stated in a earlier blog post that I don’t like people. However that makes me sound….mean….grumpy….unhappy? And that’s not the case so I felt I should clarify some things.


#1 I LOVE those people that are in my daily life. Man, B, Baby W, mom, dad, sisters, family, friends, heck even co-workers at times.

#2 I am all about helping others and donating my time and skills to those in need. I am currently working on being less selfish then what I currently am

#3 I believe in being kind and considerate to everyone no matter what and truly try to do that everyday of my life.

All that being said. I don’t really like people. Or I don’t’ really like meeting new people? Don’t’ really like crowds? I don’t know.

I work in what might be referred to as a customer service job. and I’m good at it….. like damn good at it. Like got 100% on all aspects of my last two mystery shopper reports good at it. And I LOVE it. I mean I LOVE what I do. But I think that it’s this job partly that causes me to not like people. Because I’m around people…..all day every day. And on top of that

I have to be nice to them. No.Matter.What.

Now 93.7% of the time that’s ok. They are easy to be nice to. And I generally do care about what they are needing from me and want to help them.

But some days. Wow. People are rude. They are mean. They are demanding. They think they are entitled to….what I don’t know. They think that because I’m not the boss of the place I can’t help them (news flash- 7 times out of 10 I have the answer) or that because I’m in the customer service field I’m so how inferior to them? (listen up Mr. bigshot banker/lawyer/doctor/investor dealing with people on a daily basis is about a 100 times harder then memorizing whatever crap you memorized to get your job…..and I didn’t go $90,000 in debt to do it) OR that I’m lazy- that all I do is sit behind a desk all day and look pretty. Mr-I can run faster, jump higher and generally kick more butt in 4 inch heels then you can on you best day. Sit your butt down and let me do my job.

But alas I digress those people aren’t the norm and its the others that make my job worthwhile. The customer who REALLY needs my service due to a horriable relationship they are in and I’m the only one with the tools to help them move on. The customer who bonds with me over the fact that I’m naming my baby after a superhero and that my parents named their dog after a Harry Potter charcter. The customer who used to stay as far away from our office as she could until she realized that I drink beer, the boss drinks beer, and wow….we really are cool chicks. And the customer who is just always happy to talk to me or see me no matter what.

They are why I do what I do and why I love it.

But I still don’t like people and I think its the minority group that just wear me out some days the last thing I want to do is go out and meet more people who perhaps could be any of those horriable things. Or be in a crowd of people where I know 1 person and they know everyone else and I just stand their looking stupid.  NOW crowds of people at events like….the zoo, ball games, shopping malls, or festivals don’t bother me because I’m not there for the people most of the time and generally the people I am with don’t know everyone so it’s ok. It’s like the parties/events/get together of 20+ people that I hate and I just don’t want to be forced to make small talk with random strangers….I make small talk all damn day!

So that’s that. It’s not that I am mean. Unhappy. Uncaring. Or cynical even. I just prefer the people I already know and maybe a few others thrown in at a time. And honestly….that changes sometimes too. Because I do feel a great sense of empathy and compassion for people….just in small doses.  I do know that it is my duty as a Christian women to share the word of Jesus with others. That’s why I teach Sunday School, VBS, attend Bible Studies, and try to make it so when I’m working people can send Jesus in me on a daily basis.

So if you invite me to some big backyard bbq, birthday party, or some other event and I don’t attend. Please don’t get offended.

It’s not you.

It’s not me.

It’s everyone else.