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The 4th of July Holiday recently passed and I have to say that while it’s no where near my favorite (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Memorial Day-in that order).

However I have to say that this 4th of July was…amazing!

It was a Friday as you all know. So mine and Man’s work were both closed ( I had to work on Saturday or I should say I offered to cover for someone on Saturday but Let’s not go there now) and had a whole day together and to do whatever we wanted.

Orignally we were going to spend the 3 day weekend at the lake but since work came up and I offered to substitute teach at Sunday school we knicked that plan quick.

We tried to see what my folks were doing but they needed to “be by their lone” ( as said by the great and wonderful Remy Hatmaker) after weeks and weeks of family stuff, engagments announcements, gender reveals, and wedding planning so hanging out with their oldest daughter and her man weren’t what they wanted to be doing.

We really had a day just to do whatever….and let me tell you we did it well!

Thrusday was Man’s sisters annual 4th of July BBQ bash…..and that was ok. I don’t like people (I’m not a hateful person, I am actually a friendly, happy person most of the time but I will explain my dislike of people another day) or crowded places especially since Baby W means I can’t have a beer to relax myself and not feel stupid. But it was a nice little evening, with nice fireworks, nice food and nice people.

But what I really enjoyed was Friday itself. We got up….earlyish got coffee, McDonalds breakfast, and took the dogs out to the Heritage Dog Park where they ran and ran and ran and we walked in the sun, B yelled at the dogs to come back, Man and I held hands it was just….wonderful. Plus I knew that the doggies would be plum tuckered so I didn’t feel bad about leaving them “by their lone” :+) the rest of the day.

We then took Man’s Grandma and Grandpa and Aunt to lunch at Winsteads (Pregnant lady Like!) and then went back to their retirement home to play cards. It was so much fun- my family doesn’t play cards (hey family why don’t we play cards!) and I LOVE to so this was like the best day ever for me. We played…hearts? or something and I won at 31. It was a nice relaxing little time with some awesome people.

After that we were going to register for Baby W but B was sleepy so we went home a just chilled, I walked dogs, Man slept, and then I read B about 7 books.

We then decided to head back over to his sisters house for a much calmer 4th of July evening with just us, them, and their niece, newphew and mom. Of course we had to stop and spend as much in fireworks as it cost to fill up my gas tank.

Their we played more cards (yay!) and then blew stuff up. We snacked on leftovers and cake, and just generally enjoyed each other company.

I tried to take some firework photos my camera even has a firework photo setting but…they didn’t all turn out very well.



All in All an amazing lazy day spent with the people that mean the most to me just enjoying all that god has given me. Man, B, Baby W, family, friends, time off work, a job in the first place, and the freedom to live in a country while no where near perfect, but that allows me to have a blog like this and say whatever the heck I want.


Merica! F-Yeah!