My  name is Lindsey and I’m a Maternity Clothes Addict.


I mean its bad.

I’ve never been one that’s really been in to clothes- I just don’t really care for fashion or spending the money. I like to look nice, but I refuse to get sucked into trends. I buy the bare minimums and keep them FOREVER.

But the story is different with my maternity clothes. I mean I have spent more money on maternity clothes in the last 3 months then I have on regular clothes in the last 3 years. Thank god for birthday money and moms.  I just keep finding stuff that I absolutely LOVE and can’t live without!


Like this adorable shirt- that I bought at 9 weeks pregnant and wont’ be able to wear even until September/October…but HAD TO HAVE IT!

Or this


I don’t normally even like blue. No clue where I’m wearing it to, but it called my name!

Here is currently just a small section of my closet and ALL the maternity clothes


You may notice several of the same style tank top, in different colors….I  have 8. :+/

And bottoms? Don’t even get me started on bottoms!


Whole dresser drawer just full of maternity bottoms ( if you have never worn a pair of pants with a stretchy tummy area you are missing out!). I’ve got a pair of jeans….that I won’t wear for 3 more months…..There are even shorts in there, I NEVER wore shorts before I was preggers- chubby thighs don’t do shorts- but I got two pairs and I’m addicted.

Thank god for Man. He is so good and so understanding and just takes me shopping, and watches me try stuff on and pretty much lets me get whatever the heck I want and never complains. Some days I can’t thank god enough for the blessing that this man is in my life. There is no more perfect man out there.

So yes, I am a maternity clothes addict. I have to like find a meeting or something because really….I’ve got 5 more months of this and then who knows if I will EVER wear this stuff again. But for now- it’s been kind of fun to shop and it is true what they say, when you look good you feel good.


18 weeks along! 22 to go! 5/28/2014