Anyone who spends any amount of time watching TV has seen a number of commercials regarding dog food.

These commercials normally portray some overly made up women or man in some overly perfectly clean house, with an overly well groomed four legged friend. They talk about Fido being a member of the family, and wanting to give him the best, providing for him like you would you kids, ect ect.

Then you see they are pimping out some “All Natural” “Meat First Ingredient ” pet food. They will throw out words like “chicken by product” and “gluten corn meal” or something like that. And of course any sane pet owner would think

“Well of course I want to have a house like that with a dog like that (no one with a dog has a house like that-I paid $40 for emergency couch cleaning because apparently puppy isn’t quite as potty trained as I thought.) I would NEVER want to feed my dog chicken by product! I’m heading to the pet store right now!”

Which is all fine well and good until you actually GET to the pet store.


If you haven’t Let me Just give you a break down. Thanks to PetSmart.com:

Right off the Bat we Have Simply Nourish Puppy Food. Simply Nourish boasts-

Simply Nourish Sweet Potato & Salmon Recipe is a carefully sourced, complete & balanced meal with limited ingredients for puppies with unique dietary needs. Provide him with a nutritional and tasty meal that not only tastes good, but does well. Only at PetSmart.

Ok. Sounds Lovely. So….11lb bag for $26.99….ok Thor’s 9 months old and 50-60 pounds…His recommended feeding is………5 and3/4 cup a day..so 6. 6 cups of food @ 8oz a piece…16 oz in a pound….carry the one, minus the 4….that’s 3 pounds of food a day…..11/3 is 3.66 so…roughly this bag lasts me 4 days…..30 days average in a month means I need to purchase 7.5 bags of puppy food a month…..which comes to $202.25 a month for food.  $202.25 a month for THOR to eat!

Next up we have Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe-Rabbit Flavor. Blue Wilderness boasts-

This BLUE Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Rabbit Food for Dogs will get your canine companion’s tail wagging with a delicious rabbit flavor and a high concentration of meat that is sure to hit the spot. With nourishing LifeSource Bits, the food provides the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants your pooch needs for a wholesome, balanced diet.

Features: LifeSource Bits provide beneficial nutrients and antioxidants; formulated with the vitamins and minerals your dog needs for a balanced diet; high concentration of meat appeals to your dog’s cravings; free of grains that contain gluten for a wholesome meal

Ok. Awesome. Sounds GREAT. So It’s $57.99 for a 22lb bag ( yes you read that right almost $60). Maddie is about 60 pounds so I’m supposed to feed her…..3 and 3/4 cup ok so 4 cups a day. 8 oz in a cup-16 oz in a pound so 2 pounds of food a day……so this bag lasts me 11 days roughly 30 days in the month means 2.72 bags of food which comes to $158.15 a month.

I budget roughly $350 a month for Man, B, and I to buy groceries………

Now yes I picked some of their extremes… so lets look at another example….

We are going to go with. Iams Healthy Naturals Adult Dog food.  This is one you can buy at Target . Iams says-

Made free of corn, soy, chicken by-product meal and artificial preservatives, colors and flavors, this Iams Healthy Naturals Adult with Lamb & Rice Premium Dog Food ensures you’re serving your dog a wholesome meal packed with real lamb and farm-grown fruits and vegetables for mouthwatering flavor.

Features: Contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids to provide complete and balanced nutrition; real lamb provides delicious flavor and a high-quality source of protein; rich blend of antioxidants from fruit and vegetables in every bite; made without artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, corn, chicken by-product meal or soy

Spectacular. That Soy is just EVIL! So this comes in a 23.2 lb bag for $29.99. And for this one lets pretend Thor is full grown at the 80-100 pound range. Iam’s doesn’t offer feeding instructions online so I’m just going to go with what I think I remember from Maddie’s old bag and that would be 4 cups for her and 5 cups for Thor so…9 cups of food a day equals 4.5 pounds of food a day. 23.2/4.5 means this bag will last 5.15 days. Ok. So you know the drill by now 30 days in a month means I will have to buy 5.82 bags and cost me……

$174.69 cents.

I mean its better?!?!?!?

This is simply stupid. WHO has that type of money?!?!?!? Hell even when it was just Maddie and I -there wasn’t…$75 a a month to buy her dog food! Let alone when there is Man, B, Thor, Maddie, and myself! I mean add that to the cost of Heartworm Pills, Flea Medicine, and Vet bills (that’s a whole different post) and its NO wonder there are so many dogs in shelters! You are pricing people out of owning a dog!

And some of you especially non-dog owners are probably like- so what if you don’t’ want to spend that money then don’t no big deal. Look I won’t be spending that much on food-and I will admit I fail at the heartworm and flea stuff 1/2 the time. But that’s not the point of this post.

These commercials shame pet owners into thinking I’m harming my babies by feeding them the $10 20lb bag of food because it contains soy. If I LOVED Maddie and Thor I would not dare feed them chicken by product (what the heck is that even!). Well you know what. I do love them, more then I could put into words. They make me smile every day. And I want to take good care of them.

But I can’t afford to feed them something that cost $175 a month. No way No How.

And I won’t let some Big Name -yeah that’s right Blue Wilderness and Simply Nourish I’m calling you Big Name cause you are the BIG NAMES OF NATURAL DOG FOOD!!!!! I won’t let some Big Name Dog Food shame me into thinking I have to. Perhaps if you all REALLY cared about animals you would price your food in a range that real working class adults can afford so that more dogs can have homes- or offer discounts to those of us who have adopted a pet instead of purchased (DON’T Get Me Started!).

But your a company and all you want to do is make money.

Bite Me.

Maddie and Thor will continue to eat Purina or Kibbles and Bits – I will throw Thor a few carrots at dinner so he gets his “all natural veggie” and Maddie can lick my Greek yogurt bowl.

And that will just have to be good enough.