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This is my second attempt to wright  an Easter Blog. I had this whole thing typed up about Easter, and what it really means, and the issues I take with commercialism, but as I was reading through it -I realized my whole message about how important this holiday truly is…..is getting lost in something else.

So backspace it is!

I will first just say this. I despise the Easter Bunny. I don’t like egg hunts, I don’t like Easter baskets, I don’t like anything remotely commercialized about this holiday. If it was up to me B would not have a basket or hunt for eggs. Luckily for him….its not.

That being said- back to my main thought.

If you are feeling lost, sad, depressed, confused, or any other emotion or heartache in your life. I encourage you read through the Easter story and find a church this weekend to attended.

Some places in the word you can hear this story are Matthew 28:1-20; Mark 16:1-20; Luke 24:1-49; John 20:1-21:25. Christianity.About.Com  also provides a good summary.

Don’t have a bible? Then a bible app can do the trick just as well. ( If not better, you can read different version, follow reading plans, its quite amazing actually) I prefer the YouVersion bible app to anything else out there. There is also one for kiddos.

But if you don’t know the Easter Story, or if you are confused on it, have questions, want a refresher, or just feel like there is something missing in your life…..give this a shot. You won’t be disappointed.

Check out a Church service this Sunday as well. If you are local to the Kansas City Area/Johnson County Kansas area I of course recommend Crossroads Christian Church  or Here is another list of  Special Easter Chruch Services in the Metro.

Not from Kansas City? Google is truly a wonderful thing. Simply google “Easter Services…….” and then your location and information will pop up.

Do me one favor though….don’t just attend church this weekend. Make a promise to at least go next weekend as well. Just go one other week to see the practical applications being a believer has. Just make it a goal to go this Sunday and Next- after all …..what do you have to loose?

Don’t let another year go by feeling hopeless and alone. Come learn the amazing things God can do in your life when  you just believe. Find out how comforting it is knowing that their is a plan for you and has been since birth- what a weight lifted off your shoulders when you realize you aren’t the one making choices-God is looking out for you! See how much more rewarding your life is when you stop living for this world and start living for Jesus!

Happy Easter to All. He is Risen! Hallelujah!