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I’m a very lucky girl. The church that I call home is simply….Amazing. I have attended the same church (off and on) since I was in middle school. After college, I started going more regularly and looked into bible studies and helping out. I teach Sunday school, help with VBS and I participate in 1 or 2 bible studies regularly.

I’ve been with a bible study affectionately called “young adult bible study” for 3 or so years now. This bible study has a pretty lax feel to and is GREAT for the busy schedules we all have. It’s changed composure over the years but consists of myself, my sister, 5 other ladies and Andy ( one of the ladies husband who comes even as the only dude; we tease him but need him to keep us on track).  These folks have come to mean so much to me over the years. The girls and I will get together for movie days, we have served dinner with our bible study, and I always learn so much from these other believers. They are not just members of my bible study but my friends.

I also attend a women’s bible study a couple times a year at the church. These are normally more structured (homework, certain time date, ect ect) which can be nice to have at times. The last 4 or 5 I’ve done have all been taught by the wonderful Sheila who is an amazing bible study teacher. There have been 3 or 4 other women of have attended Sheila’s bible studies regularly with me. I adore these women. They are so smart, so into the word, and have such good insight into what we study. I always learn something with them.

A week or so ago- I was amazed by both groups of these ladies once again. I shared some news with them and while it is GREAT news-it is also the type of news that SOME believers could judge me on.  I was nervous about sharing it, but these are some of my closest friends and sisters in christ- I want need them by my side! However once I shared the news I was BLOWN Away by the response.

No Judgment. None. Whatsoever. Nothing but pure happiness.


It saddens me that their are people out their that for whatever they have going on in their lives, feel judged and unwelcome by bodies of believers. That Jesus’s main message of love gets lost in whatever judgment some people feel they have the right to impose on others. Saddens me deeply.

So I feel unbelievably lucky that my sisters (and brother) in Christ are so good to me.

If you have felt unwelcome at church and drifted away from Jesus- I encourage you to check our church Crossroads Christian Chruch. Come to us. We Welcome You.

And to my sisters and brother in Christ. Thank you for being so amazing.