The end of this weeks bring on a holiday. A holiday hated by many people- probably more people then any other. This Friday is


Yes Ladies and Gents – its here…..Valentines Day.


Many People choose to dislike this holiday for many reasons. It’s to commercial, it falls to close to Christmas, it’s a gimmick, it makes single people feel too….single, it puts to much pressure on men, and the list goes on and on and on.

If you had asked me 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 years ago….hell even last year I would of told you that I hated valentines day. Even when I was married I would say I hated it. For many of the reasons above.

This year however…..i’m feeling different towards it.

And I HATE that.

I HATE that i’m looking forward to valentines day, that I’m planning something good for my man


Aren’t we cute?!?!?!?

I hate that I’m wondering if he has something planned and what it might be. I hate having expectations hopes about this day that truly is commercialized.

I hate that in just a course of the year my views and thoughts on this day have changed. But they have.

I think that is because for the first time i feel I have someone who truly shows me what love is on a daily basis. That being said  I know beyond a doubt that whatever is done on Valentines day isn’t the true showman ship of love in our relationship.

Walking me home from work in the dark. Texting me for no reason during the day. Snow blowing my parents driveway. Randomly taking me to get my nails done. Watching Pitch Perfect with my girlfriends and I.

Those are the signs of Love in our relationship.

And I also know that this day isn’t just about love between my man and I. It’s about making sure his son knows how much I love him. It’s about Maddie and Thor knowing how much I love them. It’s about my parents and sisters knowing how much I love and appreciate them. It’s about making sure my friends know how much I love them. Every. Day. Of. The. Year.

And the most important thing is remember how much god loves us. He loves us so much. So much he sent his ONLY son to die for ME on the cross.


So whether this valentines day brings some of these


Or some of these


Or something like this


I will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am loved.

And That Makes Me Excited.

Whoever does not love does now know god. Because god is Love. John 4:8