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Oh I didn’t know you were religious???

I never know how to react when someone says this to me? What does that even mean?  You didn’t know I loved Jesus? You didn’t know I went to church? You didn’t know I believe in the power of Prayer? You didn’t know I read and follow the truth in the bible? OR you didn’t THINK I did all this?

I will admit. Every now and then when I hear this I get a clenching feeling in my heart….Oh No! I’m not acting in a manor that shows people I’m a follower of Christ!

And sometimes that’s true. Work-Friends-Family-Relationships ect ect can bring me down and I don’t’ always act the way Christ would. And I have to work on that. I need to remember that I may BE the only Jesus people see all day and to do my best.

But often times……it’s the people who say they didn’t know I was religious that have the issues. They have this pre-conceived notion of what it means to be religious in there minds and because I don’t’ fit that mold – I can’t possibly be a follower of the lord.

Generally Speaking the notions are as follows :

  • Christians don’t’ have any fun its all depressing rule following
  • Christians don’t drink any alcohol ever
  • Christians aren’t’ suppose to care about their appearance
  • Christians never have and never will make mistakes
  • Christians judge other people that aren’t Christians

And so on and so fourth.  That’s just not true. Have you ever been to a church Trunk or Treat? Or Fall festival? Or BBQ?  Its one of the most laid back and fun things you can do. Look up a local church around you for their next event and give it a shot.

Christians are not suppose to be drunkards….but having a beer with dinner, or on a Saturday evening isn’t something we aren’t allowed to do. SOME choose not to and that’s awesome, but I’m pretty sure Jesus drank his wine- and so will I.

Yes outside appearances aren’t’ what is suppose to matter. And we all know not to judge a book by its cover. However I feel that we should be making an effort to look clean and put together. Our bodies are a temple right? This doesn’t mean designer duds all the time or wasting our money on super expensive shoes, but I like to put on make up and curl my hair, I like frilly summer dresses. When I go to church I make an effort to get dressed up ( mainly because I wear a uniform for work and if I didn’t dress up for church I NEVER would!) BUT if someone wants to come to church in sweatpants- power to you. God doesn’t’ care what we wear….just that we are there.

Ha!!! I have made more mistakes in my life then I care to even remember. Some simple, some so gut wrenchingly horrible I cry at the thought of them. I have made all these mistakes while knowing that Jesus is our lord and savior and knowing right from wrong.  Why- because I’m human just like everybody else and the devil can get to me just as easily.

And lastly the thing I think that keeps people away from church more then anything else. Christian’s judging non-Christians. I wish I could say this NEVER happened. But we do all know it does. But you know what else happens a Lot ( I would say even more then Christians judging non-Christians) is Non-Christians judging Christians (hence the purpose of this post). In today’s society it now seems we as followers of the Lord are judged daily for doing so while also not being able to say anything about anyone else who doesn’t follow the lord-because if we doing we are judging. Double Edge Sword much?!?!?!?!?!?!

Most Christians I know are very non-judgmental. The church I attended is very open minded. Yes, there are actions we may not agree with, but we know everyone makes mistakes and we want to be a support system for those mistakes. Each and everyday I try to life my life by the below verse.


Recognize it? It’s my blog title :+) Everyday is meant for me to be a crown of splendor in the lords hand. Everyday I work at being who God wants me to be. some day’s I fail miserably. Some day’s I rock it. But everyday I will Always. Wear. My. Crown.


So I don’t know what people mean when they say ” I didn’t know you were religious?!?!?!?” The only thing I can say is:

Jesus is my Savior. NOT my religion