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So by now EVERYONE in the world has heard about the Phil from DD and his remarks shortly before Christmas. I made some small comments about it via Facebook but I had so many feelings and thoughts about it that it has taken me all this time to really get down to how I’m feeling.
First off. I LOVE Jesus. I’m what some would call a believer. Jesus is my savior-He came and died for My sins…MY Sins! How amazing is that.
So here’s my thoughts on all that’s gone down,.


crabbycrabby crabby

Yep! I’m crabby crabby crabby! And here is why.

For the first time in years a show was on TV that showed a family that believes in our lord and savior- that puts them at the forefront of their everyday life-that reminds people that Christians  folks who believe that Jesus died for our sins can be funny quirky camouflage wearing beard sporting real every day people! And then Phil had to go and mess it all up!

Now yes, I know that he has the right to say WHATEVER the heck he wants to say. And I know that tolerance is to go both ways. However as many other bloggers have wrote it just didn’t need to be said.

Anyone who has watched the show, read about the family, studied them ect ect. knows their beliefs, knows how they feel about Jesus, and the good book and which in turn means they KNOW the families stance on homosexuality. End of story. No more needs to be said! Because what we as believers of Christ need to be doing is bringing people to the Lord. We need to be showing them how great Jesus is- how he helps, protects, and loves us NO.MATTER. WHAT. That’s where our focus needs to be.  In bringing people to Jesus- not turning them away because they think we hate them.   The Great, amazing and super funny Jen Hatmaker said basically the same thing only way more sophisticated then I ever could.

So yeah I’m mad. I will still watch the show, because I do feel its a good show and I like the Robertson’s. But I’m Mad. Mad at the moron who asked a redneck preacher from Louisiana his views on homosexuality. I’m mad at Phil for answering. I’m mad at my gay friends for just jumping on the hate bus and not taking the time to understand the Robertson family. I’m mad at my straight friends for helping to promote hate. I’m mad at the media for blowing this whole thing up. But mostly I’m mad because once again the devil has managed to get his claws into something good and turn it evil- taking the focus off Jesus Christ’s main point and the one thing we all could use more of….Love.

And that’s the Ducking Truth.