I hate when people say New Year-New Me! I don’t want to be new I like me…..I just want to be better. A better Christian, a better dog mommy, a better daughter, a better sister, a better girlfriend, just better.

I’m making some resolutions this year. Some serious some silly. I want to gain financial freedom in 2014. I want to pay down my credit card consolidation loan, pay off my last credit card, finally start a savings/401K, and be doing well enough to finally get dental insurance.

As much as my family would like me to I’m not making the resolution to quit smoking. That will come this year, sooner then later, but its not a resolution its a lifestyle change.

I’m also not making any heath related resolutions ( with the exception of being better about brushing and flossing my teeth) as those are lifestyle changes I’ve already been working on and I don’t want to do them for just a year I want to do them for my whole life.

I plan on spending the 1st few days of this new year, cleaning my apartment, and getting everything good an organized. Taking a look at my finances and figuring out where I need to start to get ahead.

2013 was a hard hard year for me, but I’ve come so far, and I’m so much happier then I was a year ago it amazing. I know I have many people in my life to thank for that, but most of the thanks goes to God. Without my faith I wouldn’t of been able to see my way through this messy messy year.

So here is to 2014. May it bring a better me then 2013 did.

You will be a crown of splendor in the Lord’s hand, a royal diadem in the palm of  your God-Isaiah62:3