Love your neighbor

This doesnt mean only the neighbors you practically handpicked in your nice nice little neighborhood. This doesn’t mean only ” neighbors” in your church community. This means everyone.
Be kind compassionate and caring to everyone around you.

Being kind to those like you is easy. It’s bring kind to those who are differnet then you that is required.

He responded, ” You must love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your being, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself .”
Luke 10:27 CEB


This Means Everyone

We must remember that this means everyone. Folks of different religions, different ethnicities, different lifestyle, all people. We must love. We do not have to agree with them nor do we have to endorse things that they do. But we must treat them with love and kindness like Jesus would. We will never be able to reach them and to teach them about Jesus if we do not love them. As Jesus once said it is not the healthy that need a doctor but the sick. #morningdevotion #Jesus #Godisgood #love #jesusloves #lovethyneighbor #bekind


This was the devotional content from my YouVersion Bible app devotion no more perfect moms.

Is this really how us women feel? Are we really afraid that much of judged by our peers that we won’t even follow the simple command of inviting others into our home? Do we really judge each other so much that we have set impossible standards none of us can meet?

As I am on the cusp of purchasing a home for my family and I this makes me realize how much more important my prayer for God to use my new house as a place to further his mission really is. It need not matter if there are crumbs on the countertops, toys on the floor, and laundry to be done my door should always be open to those who need it.

Ladies let’s take a break from judging each other, from trying to keep up with the Joneses, trying to meet these impossible standards , and just open our door to each other to love each other and be there and support each other thru this tough thing called life.

Parenting Skills

The real truth is and nobody has any real parenting skills. The world has just told us that as women we naturally do. That is not always the case. And when we rag our husbands when they try to help because they’re not doing it “our” way we are just playing in 2 stereotypes of this world. Parenting is hard enough doing it alone makes it a thousand times harder. If you don’t have to be grateful practicing humility and realize your way is not always right.

Thanks Man for all you do, from cleaning, laundry, soccer coaching, giving sugar, reading books. All of it. You make me a better mom.

New Year Habits 2018!

Alright! New Year Resolution time! Only this year im calling them New Year Habits. I also wrote them down so i will be able to come back to them more easily (i dont re-read my own blog often).

So there they are! A good combo of spiritual, relational, and personal goals i think. And yes #7 means what you think πŸ˜‰ we are only human & happily married!

Last year i managed to keep a little over 1/2 my resolutions. I am of course aiming for all but 75% will be good.

You always must strive to do new things, try new things, help in new ways, and not be afaird of change. And when God is for you….who can stop you?!?!?!

So what are your new year habits?

My favorite 2017 photo of #BabyLogan & i .

Not a new years resolution but a bucket list item. #Hubbywife5K