Random Thought


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Today as I had my quiet time, I felt a random eructation come into my head.

Why is it that Hollywood across all aspects of TV and movies has to portray those of us that love Jesus as either some form of comical buffoons or crazy people?

I’ve been rewatching the office with The Man (one of the greatest shows of all time if you’ve never seen it) and the only reference to Jesus or religion they’re definitely has a negative tone to it. But it’s not like they are unique in that portrayal. On big Bang theory they betray a Sheldon’s mom as an over the top Texas Christian , Albeit with a slightly better heart than Angela on The Office but still over the top and crazy.

And every time there is a remotely religious character on Law&Order:SVU, they are absolutely some sort of crazy conservative almost cult-like

And I know that this is not really a big deal or even really important. But it’s just slightly irritating to me. And I kmow that there are lots of crazy religious followers out there. I just watched the Dateline about a whole group of them. And I know that there are a lot of people who may not be as outwardly crazy as the FLDS but can still be misrepresenting the love of Jesus.

But there is also a whole group of us a whole bunch of us who just love Jesus and really do our best to love others and shine his light. We want to live and perhaps live a more conservative way than other people but we don’t want to hurt other people, exclude other people, or any the other negative images that Hollywood portrays. We really do as The Bible says try our best to get along with everyone and love others. And I just wish that someone somewhere would put that version of us out for the world to see.

But I guess since Hollywood is not going to do that then it’s up to the small people like you and me to spread God’s love and light the best we can. Go, do that today!

Kept Promises



But the Lord did not want to destroy Judah, for he had promised his servant David that his descendants would continue to rule, shining like a lamp forever.
2 Kings 8:19 NLT

Let this verse serve as a reminder that God ALWAYS keeps his promises. No matter what. Even after David’s death God kept his promise to his descendents (who were wicked at times) and had them rule. David was with him in heaven (I presume) & God is keeping his promises to him!?!?! How amazing!




5 years ago yesterday this happened

Man and I were married! I cant believeits been 5 yrs. This anniversary is a big one for me for personal reasons so it was a bit of a bummer that we couldn’t celebrate big.

But is that sort of perfect for marriage? It’s not these huge romantic gestures every single day. It’s getting thru the small stuff day by day, week by week, month by month, & year by year.

Marriage is hard, I know that. I have been blessed in this life to have been give a 2nd shot at love and marriage. Even with the greatest husband in history it’s still hard. You have to be willing to sacrifice yourself and love unconditionally.

You have to work to have a good marriage. Its not something to be thrown away lightly because not everyone gets a 2nd chance. Cherish it, value it, work for it, protect it.

My God be with Man & I & our family even more over the course of these next 5 years. May we invite him into our home and marriages daily & never forget that with him we can do anything and he is in control.

#TeamW5yrStrong !!!!!!! Xoxoxo